Welcome to Florida Outreach Center for the Blind

A Community Resource, Serving Individuals and Families Experiencing Vision Loss

Our Mission

The mission of the Florida Outreach Center for the Blind is to develop and administer programs that will integrate blind and visually-impaired persons into the social, economic, and spiritual lives of their community.

FOCB At-a-Glance

The Florida Outreach Center for the Blind (FOCB) is a not-for-profit agency formed for the express purpose of providing services to people in Palm Beach county and surrounding areas that are blind or visually impaired. It was founded in 2003 by Carolyn Lapp. Ms. Lapp established the FOCB with a mission to address the needs of the estimated 48,000 blind and visually impaired individuals in the County.

FOCB believes if you give blind and visually impaired people the tools and services they need, they will develop a positive attitude toward their blindness, cope with their visual challenge, and contribute to their community. Therefore, FOCB is unique among local organizations serving blind and low-vision persons, because the CEO, many of the staff, and at least half of the board members themselves are blind or visually impaired. The FOCB takes great pride in creating jobs for the visually impaired by serving the visually impaired. In turn, this creates an integrated community for the blind and their families.

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  • Independent Living Instruction

  • Home Management Skills

  • Personal Care Skills

  • Orientation and mobility

  • Communication Skills

  • Adaptive technology Training

  • Financial Management

  • Braille literacy (BELL)

  • Job Skills Readiness

  •  Kids Club

  • FOCB Advisory Group

  • Deaf-Blind Support Group


  • Provide demonstrations of low vision adaptive aids and appliances.

  • Provide information for other community agencies and make referrals.

  • Provide information and assistance for the blind concerning their civil rights.

  • Provide blind awareness and education for the community.

  • Provide opportunities for socialization, recreation and hobbies through a variety of special interest groups.


We accept:

  • Physician’s referrals

  • Division of Blind Services Referrals

  • Self-referrals

All participants will be supported in creating personal goals for living independently.